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    What is more impressive? 225 bench x 8 or 315 squat x 8?

    @franklampard14 I’d argue that’s why the squat is more “impressive.” You see plenty of people hit decent benches at commercial gyms. You see fewer good squatters.
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    F/38/5'6/120lbs - Total beginner looking for insight / perspective from more seasoned fitness nerds

    @radekm I feel that. I’m turning 37 at the end of the year and it’s at that point where I need to focus on my health for longevity. I would drink in excess and it hit a point where I was like why. Fitness really helps fill the void. I saw you mentioned a rotar cuff issue.. if that’s the case...
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    Anytime F SC@M?

    @jimbigheart Af is like that.. naggym ako sakanila since october 2022. 2500 a month ako. Mahal kasi dapat mas matagal na term(1 year) mas mura. Kaso di nila sinasabe yun at iccharge ka nila ng malaki. Yung iba 2100-2300 lang. Lol and 2650 is way too expensive for 1 year. Dapat mababa lang...
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    Guys w/ giant legs, any tips on pants and underwear?

    @jacob98 Adidas briefs (under armor style material) from Khols
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    Stalling on lifts (outside first one of the workout) - advice needed

    @orlandodoncarlossalina Have you considered a Full body split. I love it. As I rotate through the different body parts on exercises they are fresh don't feel fatigued from the previous exercises.
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    Training like mike mentzer

    @doks Mike is truly a gift to bodybuilding, and so easily digestible. Edit: Mike Israetel***
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    How do you incorporate pull up works into your routine?

    @twinmama I am nowhere near a pull-up, but my best friend was in the Marines when they began requiring them for women and always got a perfect score on her fitness tests. She's also worked as a trainer and was pretty emphatic that if you want to do a pull-up, train pull-ups not chin-ups --...
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    Summer Cut: 5'3/140--130 Ladies Group Chat

    @twinmama 29/F/5'5"/vaguely 130? no scale. Will cut to 1800 (1600 on rest days) in two weeks. Gotta vacation coming up, want to eat on it! Workout goal is lifting 3 days a week, krav maga classes 3 days a week, one rest day. No goal weight, but I have a goal tone and want to see where my...
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    What are you current max lifts by body weight?

    @jpaulhansen 110kg / 187 4 month at the gym Bench 100kg Deadlift 140kg
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    Does anyone's weight go to one part of their body?

    @brinehawk If I gain weight it goes to my boobs/upper back/mid section. I grew up looking very wide because I was very top heavy
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    Gym guy (60s) yells at me (27 F) in gym

    @nickblack Don’t worry some people are losers. He probably mad cause you’re out of his league. I can’t believe a grown “man” would be like this with a woman. He’s just a loser don’t worry about it don’t let that discourage you or make you feel bad or uncomfortable. He’s the one who has a problem
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    Nike Romaleos 2 v Adidas Adipower Weightlifting

    @masterp48hd I have both. My short review is: Adipowers are lighter and you feel the floor a little more on lifts. Romaleo's are heavier and you feel like you're landing on a more solid "platform" as the sole is very hard. If you try to do metcons in oly's b/c of a mobility limitation, the...
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    Internalized misogyny and sports?

    @lorial I don’t relate to this in the gym because 1/ I don’t pay attention to what men are doing really anywhere unless they’re in my personal space or related to me and 2/ when I do and I’m at the gym, it’s usually because I’ve noticed how many of them are doing vanity lifts without the full...
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    Thoughts on short 20-30 minute workouts 6 days a week?

    @3eyeswideopen I’ve found that 20-35min 6 days a week has yielded greater results than 90 min 4 times a week. Tips for time management; Antagonistic supersets (ie bench-pull-up) Bulk of your work should be heavy compounds. Maybe one triple-dropset of Bi’s or tri’s at the end… they’re not...
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    Calisthenics Intermediate Hypertrophy Program using Dr. Mike Israetel's Volume Guidelines

    @cbsmel Do you do any of these programs personally? Because the full body one looks disgustingly intense.
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    The Elusive Pull-Up

    @twinmama This is awesome and extremely helpful, thank you! It feels ridiculous at this point but every single day for the last few years I walk up to our pull-up bar and tell myself today is the day I'm finally going to do this. I do so with full confidence and great expectation. Unfortunately...
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    Tips needed for getting my kid into exercise when I can’t exercise myself!

    @alexandre123 Im really sorry to hear about your situation that is really terrible but it is good to hear that you survived and are doing as well as what you are with your changes in lifestyle. It always takes the really good people and leaves all these other $&@holes living life like a bunch of...
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    I’m feeling overwhelmed trying to fit the gym into my 9-5 + commuting life. Tips?

    @emmafontaine I got a different one. This one is a bit more stylish IMO
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    Cirque du Soleil acrobat Andrii Bondarenko's Instagram page, where he shares incredible bodyweight fitness feats

    @steve774 Incredible. I may have to make an Instagram to follow this guy T_T