Dan John's issue with dual snatches???

@sharita3737 Why would anyone listen to someone who has been fat his whole life about diet and nutrition? It astounds me when people write to him asking for fat loss advice.
@wakemantk I'll respectively disagree on him being overweight his whole life as a reason of not listening to him for diet/nutrition. There are people who definitely have the knowledge to lose weight, but may just not apply it to their life.

I don't listen to Dan John because he's not up to date with the scientific literature on diet best practices on things such as intermittent fasting, low-carb, etc. I try to listen to people who follow the latest evidence that takes into account large cohort studies, randomized control trials, Mendelian randomization studies and/or meta-analyses that look at the totality of that evidence, rather than cherry picking one off poorly controlled ones.

That isn't to say he has bad advice on nutrition. Eating protein & vegetables, and drinking more water is generally a good idea, but there is definitely more you can eat than that to have a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
@barronkanetaylor He’s spoken about this on Pat Flynn’s podcast as well.

Double snatches and really heavy TGUs can easily go wrong especially for the inexperienced, cocky, or careless kettlebeller, and I think he just doesn’t want to be the guy who gives people the okay to do them when they ask him about it directly.

Even more so since he’s considered an authority (or what have you) in the KB world.
@agiosconstantinos People can do stupid shit by pushing too hard, I have my stupid shit I have done. But the average fat ass swings a reasonable weight kettle bell should not have ruptured disks because of it. A strained and sore back is much more likely, this is called learning good judgement. Now the drop and catch on a 32kg double snatch is a whole different matter as far as catastrophic failure modes.

No people do not herniate their disks tying shoelaces, they did the work before that by abusing their back or unfortunately they have a real medical issue.
@iamabcy IMO it's pointless to discuss this. It's like everyone is assuming s/o is training with 24s, and then suddenly decides to try double snatch with 32s. Nonsense. More likely, they train with a 24 and then decide to add double snatches with lighter bells.
@gaconvn I think, and i am not any authority for this, but having 2 separate bells mean you can’t have another hand move to “save”. I only have 1 bell and have had to catch a bad execution.

This may be the basis for the 2 things overhead. Esp as my saves were moves that the failure happened when the bell was over my head and i had the catch with my free hand.
@tamjo912 Even without using the other hand, if you just have one object overhead you can move your body to center the shoulder under the object and be able to hold it. With two things overhead, moving under one would, of course, compromise the position of the other.