First major setback


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Hello friends

A little context, 2 months ago I (37 F) was a total potato and have never been fit in my life. Im 5"5 and was 13'3. I've been working really hard, lost almost a stone, and started to have the little hint of muscles. I thought I'd made enough progress to do a few classes at the gym.

I thought I was doing really well... untill I went to a core class this morning. It was mortifying. I was close to puking. I found it totally impossible to do any of the moves. I was like a sweaty turtle stuck on their back. The instructor was super nice about it, but I left close to tears. I just felt so stupid

It's totally thrown my confidence. I have a LBT class booked in a few days, I don't know if I should just cancel it.

Not sure if I'm asking for advice or want talking off the ledge. Thanks all x
@angelbaby35 I don't think this is a setback... just a new challenge for you to overcome.

Did you have any breakfast this morning before the class? Are you well hydrated? That can make a big difference.

But also, if you aren't use to training core, it can be hard. New exercises for any muscle also take some practice to do it right. Go at your own pace in the classes, try your best, and rest when you need to. Then next time you go... see if you can do just a bit more.

I dunno what LBT is, but if you were interested in going, you should still go! You won't get better by NOT doing it!
@dinafrancis Thank you. The class was at 7am so I just ran out the door, didn't consider not having breakfast might have been an issue. I don't think it would have made me any better, but might have stopped me feeling so ill! Oh... its "legs, bums & tums" :)
@angelbaby35 At least grab a banana or something before! It's so helpful!

I find i can do easy cardio while fasted, but any kind of resistance training? Nope nope nope. I don't feel like I'll throw up, but I get super lightheaded and feel like I'll pass out!
@angelbaby35 I applaud your efforts to get fit and please come down from the ledge. You’re doing great. Keep up the good work.
Do not be discouraged about the classes. They are designed to push you to extreme and in the beginning feeling as you do can be expected. Don’t let this experience set you back.

As I see it you can continue with the classes with understanding that you may feel like this for a while but know it will get better or put a pause on these classes and keep doing what you are doing to get fit till a little further along and ready to try again. If it’s affecting your confidence then I’d recommend the latter. Not because I don’t think you can do it but because confidence will keep you going in the direction you want. Stay strong 💪
@adjolt35 Thank you. I really appreciate your reply. Had a big think last night, and I did cancel the other class. Because simply knowing me, if it makes me miserable, I'll just stop doing it altogether. I can try again when I've lost a bit more weight round the middle. X
@angelbaby35 Probably a wise decision. You want the workout and motivation to get in shape to be a positive so you’ll keep it up. Only been on this sub for a short while but looks to me as a great place for support and encouragement. So definitely post if you need a boost. Or DM if just want one voice 😊💪 good luck with your health journey
@angelbaby35 Those classes are entirely up to the discretion of the person running them. There is not a huge amount of guidance.

Try a couple more by a few different members of staff before giving up.

Struggling with core strength is a very common issue for women in your age bracket in particular. Especially if you have had kids (not sure if you have, but it’s a very relevant factor).

If you do want to train core in an accessible way, I would start with doing this movement for a few sets of 5-10 each side, a couple of times per week.

As well as this, I make sure you are able to do ‘McGill’s Big 3’. There is a lot of weird hype around these movements. They aren’t actually that special or have as many benefits as people say. They are an excellent and easy to learn baseline of what a healthy human should be able to do. You can probably skip the curl up if you’re doing the other movement I linked above.