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Heyaa guys, I’m happy to have just joined this sub, this is my first post I’ve ever made on Reddit, I’m here for some advice and feedback as I am a new jim goer and have been working out for a couple of months, my goal is to increase my weight from 60 to 70 in a time frame of 6 months, I have been improving my diet and am consuming 2700-3000 calories and roughy 100-120 grams of protein, I would appreciate help from anyone willing to nudge me in the right direction, I just want to know whether I am lifting optimally or not

I’m a 5.8ft 20 year old male
  • MONDAY - Chest and tricep - 18 sets
    Skull crushers 3 sets
    Push downs 3 sets
    Incline dumbbell Press 4 sets
    Flat bench press 4 sets
    Cable fly 4 sets
  • TUESDAY - Lower and shoulder - 21 sets
    Dumbbell Front raises 3 set
    Lateral raises 3 set
    Shoulder press 3 set
    Leg Extension 3 set
    Leg Curl 3 set
    Leg Press 3 set
    Squats 3 set
  • WEDNESDAY - Lats and bicep - 19 sets
    Bicep curl 3 set
    Hammer curls 3 set
    Lat pull-down 3 sets
    Cable pull 3 sets
    Dumbbell rows 4 sets
    Pull ups 3 sets
  • THURSDAY - Shoulder and Lower - 27 sets
    Dumbbell Front raises 4 sets
    Lateral raises 4 sets
    Shoulder press 3 sets
    Leg Extension 3 sets
    Leg Curl 3 sets
    Leg Press 3 sets
  • FRIDAY - Lats and bicep - 19 sets
    Bicep curl 3 sets
    Bar curls 3 sets
    Lat pull-down 3 sets
    Cable pull 3 sets
    Dumbbell rows 4 sets
    Pull ups 3 sets
  • SATURDAY - Chest and tricep - 18 sets
    Skull crushers 3 sets
    Push downs 3 sets
    Incline dumbbell Press 4 sets
    Flat bench press 4 sets
    Cable fly 4 sets
I start most of the exercises with a warm up and my rep range is between 12-15 but lately I’ve been thinking of increasing the volume so I can do more high intensity low rep 5-10 workouts cuz that’s what I hear you do when you’re doing a bulk

PS- Here’s my diet

Protein shake 800 CALORIES - 14 almonds(100 calories), 5 cashew nuts(42 calories), fox nut(100 calories), oats(100 calories), dates(50 calories), peanut butter(30 calories), olive oil(100 calories), milk(300), banana(164)

Peanut butter sandwich 1000 CALORIES

Egg - 200(with egg white) + 34

Fried chicken with brown bread - 448 calories + 300 calories

Protein shake - 14 almonds(3 grams), 5 cashew nuts(1.5 grams), fox nut(3 gram), oats(3), dates(.5), peanut butter(1 gram), olive oil(0 grams), milk(12 grams), banana(1)

Peanut butter Sandwiches - 20 grams

5 eggs - 30 grams
200 gram chicken - 45 grams

And the dinner is whatever my mama makes, usually there’s rice with some curry and dal so I’m estimating that’s about 300 calories or more
@pooterlaws Too much volume. Unnecessary.

And also not optimal at all. Like chest on Monday and shoulder on Tuesdays. You should know that training chests also work the shoulder joints. So if you workout chest optimally you wont be performing shoulders the next day properly because it’s already a bit fatigued.
@rjohnson71 I thought doing each muscle group twice was a good balance, and also I wanna grow muscle as fast as possible and get some noticeable results in 3 months, so I’m working 6 days a week, will it suffice?
@pooterlaws PPL is also each muscle group twice in week. But it is split more evenly.
PPL means push pull legs.
Push - chest tri shoulders, all those where you push the weight against gravity
Pull- back biceps and rear delts, pulling the weight against gravity
And legs is self explanatory.
@rjohnson71 So will I be doing chest tri shoulders all in one day twice a week? Wouldn’t that session take at least two hours? I do chest and tri and that takes me an hour and a half
@pooterlaws Thats because your sets are way too much for a single day. Just do 3-4 sets per muscle group. Try isolating and increase time under tension (move the weights slowly i.e taking as much time as possible to finish a rep)
Example- one exercise of upper chest, one for lower and one for entire that includes time under tension as mentioned above
@pooterlaws Incline bench to 30-60 deg for upper chest.
Do cable rows for lower chest (search on yt)

Target Rep range 10-15. If you are trying to break PRs target 6-8 atleast.
@rjohnson71 About lower chest..I have been told by many experienced lifers and training to not train my lower chest and said that to build an aesthetically pleasing physique only developing upper chest is essential. Is that tru
@pooterlaws For the love of god. That volume is insane.

Please start from somewhere between 5-12 weekly sets (per microcyle) of DIRECT volume for muscles. Start from the bottom end and assess how you recover, depending on that you can increase or decrease.

I'm assuming you're aiming for hypertrophy (muscle growth), thus choose movements that are extremely stable and let you take the target muscle to failure.

Keep your rest periods 3-5 mins+ between sets and exercises, and practice an extremely high quality technique, move with intent, push every set close to or to failure (watch some videos on YT to see what failure training actually looks like) use full range of motion and control the eccentric, and ofcourse, progressively overload every session.

Also, it doesn't matter (unless you're an advanced athelete) if you're bulking, cutting or maintaining. Try to stick to the 5-10 rep range and use an appropriate load.
@weblinkindianet 5-12 weekly sets per microcyle? What does microcyle mean?
I got what you said on the second para, you assumed correctly I am training for hypertrophy and take most of my sets to failure but usually my arms give out after a long time and it usually takes me 24 reps to reach failure instead of your recommended 5-10 range, so should I start lifting heavy weights so that my arms give out on the 5-10 range?
And as for technique I am trying to have a firm and good balance and form and controlling the eccentric is sumn I only recently have started doin