Massage gun (e.g. Hypervolt and Theragun) owners - share your routines/favorites ways to use them!


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I finally bit the bullet on purchasing a Hypervolt/Hyperice after using it at my friend's place here and there over the years.

Would love to hear how you use it/how often/where and how it's worked well for you. How do you use it to supplement foam rolling/stretching? Have you notice significant improvement? Any other tips?

Thanks everyone!
@sysop I have to have someone help me with my rhomboids, teres major/minor, levator scapulae and erector spinae

I have to work each area for 3 minutes and it helps with my posture
@sysop I have a hypervolt that I won on a IG competition - gamechanger for my recovery! Use it all the time for quads, hammies, traps and just anywhere where there is tightness in general.
@sysop I have an off brand one that I use for my back and forearms a lot. For the back, I feel a lot lighter, like a weight has been lifted off. You need another person for that though. Usually the night after a workout/climbing. I haven't heard a lot only best practices so far though.
@sysop I bought a hypervolt knock-off on Amazon a couple months ago and use it kind of infrequently on my legs and it's hard to say if it's really doing anything there, HOWEVER as someone with a computer-based job who also knits in addition to going to the gym, using it on my forearms/wrists/hands is life-changing tbh.
@sysop I use mine almost exclusively on my traps because I don't think it's better than foam rolling. I use a small head (kinda bullet shaped, hard plastic) and stick it straight into the knots usually aiming straight down. It's pretty much the only way I get any relief on trap tightness outside of my physio making me cry with her elbows.

Occasionally I use it instead of foam roller on the quads/ IT band if I'm feeling lazy, there's no room on the floor to foam roller, or the floor needs vacuuming and I don't have time.
@teamlauri Do you see any relief with knots? I am thinking about buying one. I have spent probably 500 bucks in massages in the last couple of months to get rid of knots in my neck, trap and upper back.
@undercoveremo It helps take the edge off, but if you keep doing the thing that gives you the knots (in my case severe hypermobility/ shoulder instability + poor posture habits) it can only do so much.
@sysop I have a FITPULS from Amazon and love love love it. Use it on my leg muscles and back. I think it has made a difference helping loosen my muscles. I use it once a day before bed. I foam roll and stretch in the mornings. I do recommend getting one.
@sysop My boyfriend and I have a hypervolt and I use it when I’m feeling beat up. I’ll foam roll before running because my run coach prefers I do that but all other times I’ll lay on the sofa with the hypervolt like a pig in mud.
@thedeterminator On your jaw!?? Doesn't that feel too intense? That sounds life changing.

And how do you get your traps or do you have someone do it for you? Having a difficult time getting good leverage back there.
@sysop I have hypermobility anyway so my arms reach way too easily around my back in advance yoga-like positions with zero practice, I also have an off brand one which has a slightly longer arm. As for my jaw, I clench my teeth when I am stressed I typically has my massage therapist work on it but in between appointments that feels amazing farther back at some of the anchor points although I can see how it could be way too intense for some people.
@sysop I have a theragun and usually bust it out for exceptionally sore days, particularly legs and shoulders. Love/hate it for sore traps, it might make you cry but it’ll be the good kind of cry lol. My husband loves it for his lower back pain (spinal erectors) cus it’s so easy to get it to target the right area.

I use it in conjunction with the GoWod app - they recently added a whole section of theragun exercises. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed any major changes versus not using it but it is really convenient to bust out when I have a spot that I just can’t foam roll out or that needs some more specialized attention.