Massage gun (e.g. Hypervolt and Theragun) owners - share your routines/favorites ways to use them!

@sysop It works best for me as a supplement or to use on others. For the places where I'm actually most tight it barely works on its own, which is why I've sort of abandoned it in favor of my rumble roller. I personally like the rumble roller because I can lean my body weight into the area and apply up to extremely heavy pressure depending on how I'm leaning.

For use on myself, it works ok ish if I use it on my IT band and traps. I have a Hyperice, and I like putting the rounded ball tip in and turning it up to the third level aka as high as it goes. However, I still have to roll out afterwards since I get pretty tight with COVID and sitting around all day.

I like using it others in my house because most people are way less used to massage than I am. Pre COVID I got a 90 minute massage every 2 weeks, so my body likes it pretty hard. But the pressure from the Hyperice is just right for my mom, who didn't used to do anything of this sort.
@sysop My boyfriend purchased the hypervolt about a year and a half ago and it's a game-changer for my leg muscles after leg days and for my traps/shoulders when i get stiff from sitting at work all day! the only downside is the battery has broken and we're just outside the warranty so we can't really use it right now since it won't charge and if we try to charge it the charger starts to spark so maybe look out for that lol
@sysop I use my TheraNinja mainly on my neck and lower back. What I like about having the massage gun is I can just grab it whenever and focus on the muscle group giving me the biggest trouble. I use it anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week, mainly coordinating it with my fitness schedule. I have found I like using it the day after the workout when some of the pain settles in. A lot of people use it before and directly after a workout but not me.