Need help for god sake


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I have been working out a lot lately,sleep schedule is kinda messed up( 5-6 hours sleep daily). Protein count is upto my weight, definitely trying to make it 2x slowly.
My question is how the f you avoid getting fatigue after working out? I always feel tired and sleepy after hitting a gym for 1 hour.
Any hacks around it?
@nicolo93f You should be feeling fresh before the workout session and not feel tired/yawning throughout the day. Everyone has different symptoms to fatigue but some are common.

Also drink around 2-3 litres of water on an average.
@nicolo93f Yes it is. It's better to reduce the quantity and focus on the quality of the sets. You actually have to workout hard and intensely and then recover. Don't overdo it and focus on progression of weights, reps.

Google ' upper lower phul program' and follow that. It's simple and effective. Follow this for at least 3 months and report back here. Good luck!
@thdev Wait I'll show my legs routine :
Squats (10lbs,20lbs,20lbs) 10,6,3
Lunges (bw,bw,bw)10,
Leg press (1200lbs,120lbs,210lbs) 10,15,6
Standing calves (20lbs)12
Sitting calves (35lbs,35lbs,45lbs)7,15,10
Leg curls (40lbs,40lbs,50lbs)15,12,4
,this is the exact order and the no. Of exercise
@nicolo93f The only hack I would recommend is rest and sleep.

To be honest, there is really no alternative to sleep.

If you push too much for too long, you might be fatigued and it might be bad for your progress.