"What is normal eating?" 5'1 43F 274.4>234.4=40lb lost

@brokenhearted822 Oh cool, so you're actually eating over 2000 per day? How do you burn so many calories as a petite person? Everything I've seen shows that even active I'd be burning 1600-1800 at reasonable weights for me?
@joyinyah If you lost 40 pounds in 2 months, which is ALOT in a short period of time, this means you were in a 2000 calorie deficit per day. How many calories were you eating? Your resting metabolic rate, which is what you'd burn just lying in bed all day, should be more than 1800 calories at a weight of 234. So you burn a lot more than you think.
@brokenhearted822 I used to average around 4000 kcal per day, so a lot of the initial weight loss was just sheer volume of food, lol... and lots of water weight loss.

I've been eating an average of 1440 kcal per day.

But I was talking about what my tdee would be at like 120-130 lbs... it always gives around 1600 to 1800 for that.

Again, I'm losing weight fine for now (really great actually!) I'm more thinking about what skills I need to learn/adapt to for the future!
@joyinyah Ok, makes sense. If you want to be able to eat more when you're at 120 lbs, you need to lift weights. I lift heavy weights for 45 minutes and walk a lot throughout the course of my day (6 miles on average). You're losing weight very quickly now but a lot of it could be muscle, which will slow down your metabolism eventually.

Congrats on your progress thus far and keep it going!
@brokenhearted822 Oh gosh, yeah... I'm nowhere near that physically active lol. I'm disabled but I've regained a lot of mobility lately!! But nowhere near that much. I've just gotten to where I can average maybe 3000 steps per day!

But that all makes sense, and hopefully I can be that active eventually!!

Thank you, this is all really helpful!!
@joyinyah Hiya!

I'm still in the process of reaching "healthy" weight, almost there after loosing 40lbs! I decided to maintain at my current weight for a couple months (ouf, almost been half a year now) cause I needed a break, and I stayed within a +/- 4lb range during maintenance, so..

Typically in a normal day I eat:

breakfast : 2 eggs, a small (3 soup-spoons out of the container) greek vanilla yogourt and a banana.

lunch : mostly veggies with hummus, or some soup, or some crackers with tuna and cheese, or one left over slice of pizza, things like that.

Bigger evening meal: usually some stir-fry with lots of veggies, pad thai, or porc chop with veggies.. I usually cook once or twice a week to make that evening meal in a big batch and portion it out. basically, I'll put one portion of about 100g of the protein choice of the week in a 2-cup tupperware, and fill the rest of it up with veggies.

that's about what I eat for the day. If I really feel the need for a snack, my go-to is an apple.

If I'm hanging out with friends for lunch I'll get my bigger meal then, and just snack on veggies or something light in the evening if I need it.

My activity level is 10 min of stretching daily, and a long 2h walk around town with a walking-buddy a couple times a week.

I think I'm soon about ready to loose again, so my meal plan will be the above, but actually counted and tracked for real instead of guestimated, with more training.
@jennycasono That sounds way better than what I'm eating lol!

Also, congrats on the loss AND the maintenance!! Do you have much farther to go?

If I'm hanging out with friends for lunch I'll get my bigger meal then, and just snack on veggies or something light in the evening if I need it.

I... literally never think of changing things around to fit my day, lol. Maybe that's part of the problem 🤔

Thank you for responding! This is all very helpful!
@joyinyah To be in the healthy range for my size/age according to generic charts, I still need to drop 10lbs.

My current weight is actually lower then I ever remember being, so it's hard to say what my ultimate goal weight should be.. aiming for healthy and fit and able to go on hikes and *do things* and feeling good in my body, all of which I currently somewhat able to do, which is one of the reasons I decided to give myself a break and maintain :)

Next goal will be more fitness related, like pushups or pullups or some specific goal, with a side of loosing some more weight :)
@jennycasono Oh wow, congrats! It sounds like you're doing awesome and being smart about it!

Meanwhile I still need to lose about 100lbs to be anywhere near healthy... sigh.

Ah well, I did it to myself, I suppose.

Anyway, I hope you continue to be super successful!! And thank you again for the help/advice!!
@joyinyah 5’2” CW 121, 64 years old 😬.
Yesterday’s food ( I track on my Fitbit)
Coffee with one scoop vanilla whey protein, no sugar.
Bkfst: Flatout lite wrap with 2T crunchy almond butter and a banana.
Lunch: Mixed lentil, wild rice bean soup with 4 oz of Rotisserue chicken and brocc/cauliflower

Fudgsicle 😁

Dinner: Two scrambled eggs on a skinny bagel.

I track calories, and aim for 1300-1400. When I go out to dinner, I choose salmon or chicken with vegetables, starch.

Yes, we can’t eat as much, but we also don’t need as much.
@soulrevive Apple nectarine fudgsicle are 3 words I've never heard put together before and omg sounds so amazing!

I also feel like your breakfast would be something I'd crace around lunchtime lol 😋

Thank you for all the great information, especially what you plan when you go out! That's usually really hard for me to figure out!!

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