Humble brag. Just wanted to tell someone that I quit drinking, quit smoking l, and quit marijuana for 30 days now

@calvinabume Congrats!!! For sure this is great for your body.

Just a question, do you have urges to eat? I quit vaping for a month (vaped for a while, and was a packet/day smoker for a few years), and can't resist the urge to eat, sometimes I binge on junk food. Hate it!
@solomonkane I'm actually the opposite right now I can't hold down food. I have a very hard time eating anything. I have to remind myself to eat and force it down. Even water makes me full.
@happytales My family was a huge motivator. I wanted to be alive to see my kids grow old and get married. I was in a downward spiral and I knew I would most likely lose my family. My health and mental health was suffering and only getting worse. I finally got a PTSD diagnosis as well as anxiety and depression. Alcohol and cannabis are depressants. So I figured these were only making things worse. I cut cigarettes out first then weed then alcohol. I've tried multiple times but never wanted to do it for myself. This time I wanted it and decided I was going to do it or die trying.