2024 semifinals - Oceania, and North America West - Day 1


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Torian Pro -

(Full live stream)

West Coast Classic (back to Carson) -

(Friday Kickoff Show)

Qualifiers for games -

North America West - 9 men, 8 women, 7 teams

Oceania - 4 men, 4 women, 3 teams

Leaderboard -

Oceania - https://games.crossfit.com/leaderboard/semifinals/2024?semifinal=235&division=1&sort=0

North America West - https://games.crossfit.com/leaderboard/semifinals/2024?semifinal=233&division=1&sort=0

Individuals Events -​


Event 1 - 5 rounds for time of:
  • 800-meter run
  • 10 clean and jerks
Time cap: 30 minutes

Men: 185 pounds

Women: 125 pounds
Predictions for Games qualifiers (just for fun, I would have quite a few of the Europeans wrong last week) -

Oceania men - 1) Ricky Garard, 2) Jay Crouch, 3) Bayley Martin, 4) Jake Douglas

Oceania women - 1) Katelyn Van Zyl, 2) Madeline Sturt, 3) Grace Walton, 4) Georgia Pryer (how Oceania get 4 spots is a mystery)

NA West men - 1) Patrick Vellner, 2) Justin Medeiros, 3) Sam Kwant, 4) Brent Fikowski, 5) Cole Greashaber, 6) James Sprague, 7) Colten Mertens. 8) Tudor Magda, 9) Austin Hatfield (wrong semi)

NA West women - 1) Alex Gazan, 2) Arielle Loewen, 3) Abigail Domit, 4) Emily Rolfe, 5) Rebecca Fuselier, 6) Dani Speegle, 7) Olivia Kerstetter, 8) Bethany Flores
@throwaway Jake can't really run, so that wasn't unexpected. There'll be a couple of events he might do well in, so we'll just have to see. Some people predicted Zac Thomas to do well, but he finished second to last in event 1, again we'll have to see what happens in other events.
@jayce9936 There might be 4 or 5 people who can fight for fourth place, so who knows. Everyone I've heard says the same top 3, harder to tell who can get the last spot for the Games.
@momg Maybe, we'll see. Different people will have their own favorites, some think William Leahy will qualify, some think Cole Sager can still do it, and some will choose Scott Tetlow, we'll know soon who is right.
@giftsigns So far my favorite moment was from Haley Adams (Oceana) watching her go out hot on that run in event one and hang on for a 4th place finish was nice. Hope she made herself proud with that one.
@primrosehill Yes, Hayley. Thanks. I don't know all the Oceania athletes super well. I started watching the live stream, saw her sending it, and ended up watching the whole women's heat.