Had insane growth then suddenly no growth, what gives?


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So in 6 months or so my arms increased by 2 inches from 14.4 to 16.5. Of course a bit of it was fat, but most of it was muscle. Yet in the next 3 or 4 months my arms are still at 16.5, despite me doing the exact same things as before. I know muscle growth slows down but it’s literally exactly the same as it was 3 or 4 months ago. I’m still gaining weight and eating enough protein, so why is this happening?
@hteezy You started training and your muscles learnt how to store lots of extra glycogen in them and grew quickly. You will never get that speed of gaines again welcome to accepting the loss of newbie gaines and the slow everlasting grind of real gains that takes years to make Meaningful changes.
@hteezy Time to start measuring in 6 month to year increments. This is a long journey.

It also might be time to shake up the program and introduce different variables. Progressive overload is more than just adding weight to the bar.
@blessdsevn i know OP got downvoted but i'm in the exact same spot and been feelin a lil down about it. this reply helped a good bit actually :) just gotta keep pushin and trust the process
doing the exact things as before

Have you increased the volume or weight used at all? How much weight have you gained? What program are you actually running? It's very likely you have just hit a plateau with your currenr diet and training, which everyone does eventually. Progreas is not linear most of the time.
@olirain No I’m still gaining strength fast, at a slightly lower rate to before but still gaining a lot of strength. . I’m running NSuns but I’ve adapted it quite a lot, but I focus on low volume high intensity. I’ll give you my progress for reference-
On august 7- ez bar tricep extension was at 48.5kg for 5 reps.
Now 7 November- it’s at 53.5kg for 5 reps.
Bench press from 105kg to 127.5kg.
@hteezy You're in r/naturalbodybuilding claiming you started off with a 105kg (231 lbs) bench press, and gained another 22,5kg (49,5 lbs) from august to november? That's well over a 1,5kg (3,5 lbs) increase on your bench per week, at an intermediate level.

Either you mistyped kilograms when you meant pounds, or you're a genetic monster. If the latter, you should strongly consider competing in powerlifting.
@tp243 It's not typical but it does happen.

Realistically it sounds like OP has fairly decent genetics, 16.5 inch arms mainly muscle after a few months of training - my arms are only 17 inches after over a decade of training and I could bench 130kg in my sleep.

If his other lifts are as impressive as his bench I'd have thought he'd be more suited to powerlifting rather than bodybuilding though. If someone told me they had a 130kg bench I'd assume they probably had a ~500kg total.
@napoleon111 I don't doubt it is possible but it is much less likely than people making shit up on the internet. Especially given his attitude in his responses here.
@tp243 Yeah after reading some of his responses you might be right.

Either that or he has great physical genes but is a little slow mentally. Some sort of Lenny/Hodor situation lol
@napoleon111 Also if someone has great physical genes their arms likely don't stop growing after 6 months of training.

Or maybe I'm just jealous because it took me about 4 years to bench 130kg
Also if someone has great physical genes their arms likely don't stop growing after 6 months of training.

Yeah that's true, it sounds like he is getting larger overall but not putting any size on his arms though. 2-3 months of plateauing arm growth doesn't sound too unbelievable.

Or maybe I'm just jealous because it took me about 4 years to bench 130kg

Think it took my even longer than that. Hit triple plates some time in my mid twenties and started lifting at 18 so was probably 5-6 years to hit 130kg for myself.

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