Had insane growth then suddenly no growth, what gives?

@tp243 Its not unheard of. You just havent seen genetic freaks before and you also dont know his physical activity background before training.
@tp243 Never said I did it after 6 months. Can anyone here read?

In my first 6 months I went from 50kg to 105kg.

Then in the next 3 months I went to 127.5kg bench.
@hteezy I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The answer to your original question is twofold

1) adaptive resistance is a thing so what used to work won't work indefinitely

2) You are doing a program that is essentially a powerlifting program and these programs are not designed with arm hypertrophy as a primary goal
@tp243 Dorian Yates said the first time he ever benched he benched 3 plates. Some people were just born beasts. Everyone else is on here because we were not lol.
@badboy29 Damn okay I’ll up my volume, thanks for an actual good answer unlike the these other assholes who get salty because they can’t answer my question.
@vesselofhonor It’s not just about newbie gains though is it. When I’ve had zero muscle progress in my arms in 3 months, despite getting alot stronger and diet is on point, that suggests something else is wrong. It’s not like my progress is just slowing down, it’s literally stopped completely.
@hteezy You have not had zero overall progress if your strength has progressed. You say you are training with nsuns and in my little experience nsuns was great at making me stronger but it did not really do much to my muscle mass. The reason is that nsuns is a great strength program but it’s not the best for building muscle.

I’d suggest trying a bodybuilding regiment with higher reps, you could check out Jeff nippard on YouTube for some pointers.
@hteezy I hate posts from people like this because they don't want to hear your answer to their supposed question. They just want to argue and complain about how they're some cursed outlier from the gen pop. Quit bitching and put in more work
@lakusa what do you mean put in more work? I progressively overload constantly. My lifts are rocketing up. My diet is a surplus with lots of protein. I drink lots of water. I get good amounts of sleep. What the fuck else do you want me to do?
@hteezy Congrats, you’re now in the exact same situation as every other natural lifter who has ever been lifting for a meaningful amount of time. From here out your gains are measured in terms of years, not weeks and months.

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