Had insane growth then suddenly no growth, what gives?

@hteezy You either aren’t as good with these things as you’re claiming to be, or you simply have just exhausted your newbie gains, as others have said, and have to just accept new progress will be slow from here on out. Likely a combination of both since I’ve yet to meet anyone who has all those things down pat as best they can within their first year of training.

Learn to just enjoy the process of training and working towards a goal or else you’re going to lose motivation fast. Natty progress is slow; you’re not going to be seeing noticeable gains weekly-monthly. It’s more looking at some pictures that are 6 months apart and going ‘oh shit, I’ve gotten a bit bigger’.
@dawn16 I get that man, I understand my newbie gains are fading, it’s just the fact i haven’t gained any size in the past 3 months, not even a little bit, that’s bothering me. And i don’t know what to say, im definitely doing all of those things. Scale is going up, dialing in my protein and calories, everything but my arms are getting bigger.
@hteezy Are you seeing any gains in other muscle groups? I’d agree with others who have said maybe consider changing up your programming, but you’ve only given info on your arms so it’s difficult to say what extent it would need to change.

If you’re seeing gains elsewhere and it’s just your arms, then it may just be a case of prioritising arms on the day you train them and/or increasing volume or intensity.
@dawn16 Yeah seeing progress in chest and legs, just not my arms, Haven’t measured anything else.

I was just under the impression that since my arm strength is increasing quite a bit, that my arms must be growing at least a little bit, so when I measured them and they were the same I was a bit confused as I thought strength correlates to size. (I know about neural adaptions but I’d thought I’d still have gained a bit of muscle)
@hteezy If it’s just your arms then it’s likely a case of them needing some added focus, and not your training as a whole.

General tips for increasing arm growth:

-Train them first on the days you train them. Leaving them until the end means you’ve accumulated fatigue which will reduce how effective your arm training can be.

-Train triceps separately from chest, and biceps separately from back to reduce carryover fatigue ie if doing a PPL, train triceps on pull and biceps on push.

-Keep intensity high. You don’t necessarily have to go balls to walls complete failure, but take each working set to 0-2rir.

-Volume: can go either way. Some people do too little, while others go overboard and either overtrain or sacrifice intensity. Finding what volume works for you requires a bit of experimentation. For me personally, I’ve found around 8-12 weekly sets of biceps and triceps to be a sweet spot.

Do that, and continue to keep your nutrition, recovery and sleep dialled in and you should see growth. Keep in mind, progress will still be slow and steady. If you do all this and you still aren’t happy with your growth then it may be a case of inflated expectations.

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