I walked 100,000 Steps in 24 Hours!


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I actually completed this on April 8th and just never got around to making a post about it.

Here's the proof:
A few months ago, I saw a post on here where someone walked 100k steps in 24 hours. I didn't know it was possible to even walk that many steps in one day, so when I learned about this I thought I would give it a try. I figured I'd post my journey on here in case anyone else was thinking about doing this challenge they could learn from my mistakes.

Prior to doing this, I normally walked about 4,000 steps a day, so I was definitely not in shape at all. Because of this I decided to give myself a little bit of time to train. I only trained for 2 months, which probably was not enough time, but I wanted to get the challenge completed before the hot summer months rolled around. When the day of the challenge rolled around, I was walking normally 25k steps 5 days a week and 30-35k steps once a week.

Day of the challenge:

I started at 2am because I wanted to give myself plenty of time to complete the 100k steps. My goal was to do intervals of walking for 2 hours straight and then take a 15 minute break. I more or less kept this pattern up until the end when the breaks became longer out of pure exhaustion.

The first 50k steps I felt completely fresh.

60-70k steps were absolutely brutal. I started to have a lot of pain in my knees and the blisters started to form on my feet. I pretty much dragged my right knee for these steps because it hurt too much to bend my knee.

70-80k steps I eventually just walked through the knee pain and couldn't feel it anymore. The bottoms of my feet felt raw in my shoes and the pain was horrible.

80-95k were the worst mentally. Because of the pain in my knee, my pace really went down and it felt like I was never going to finish. I had already been walking for 18 hours at this point and was emotionally drained. I sat down for 30 minutes and had a good cry, and then started up again.

95-100k I knew I was so close to the finish, I got a second burst of energy. I felt the same energy as I had at 10k steps and actually finished the last few miles jogging!

For those of you who want to do this, I recommend you have some great walking shoes, and change your socks fairly often. If you can convince your family/friends to walk with you that definitely helps so you don't get bored. Also if you're out of shape like I am, give yourself some plenty of time to train; 2 months was helpful but probably not enough lol.

At the end of the day I'm super happy I completed my goal! Now I have a new goal of running my first marathon! Thanks to everyone on the sub who posted their stories about doing 100k in a day. Your posts kept me motivated!
@destinedtoreign Meanwhile, my fat work colleague apparently averaged 70000 steps per day during our step-temeber challenge while working 8 hours a day, stationed at a desk. He didn't lose a single kilo. He did, however, win a $500 gift card.
@casitas To be honest, I had blisters all over my feet so I probably don’t have the best advice lol. What I have heard since then is to change your socks as often as you can because the sweat adds to blisters. A couple of ultra marathoners I know actually tape up their feet in spots they’re prone to get blisters to prevent them.

In terms of shoes, I wore a pair of brooks they were pretty comfortable and felt super light on my feet
@destinedtoreign I love these posts, so I thought I’d share them …

OG 100k steps post

Also two years ago

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Did I miss any?

Thanks to @shawn_maune, @choosegod, @kaleal and @katty143 for sharing!

I really want to do something like this, I have the option where I live of doing it almost entirely on trail or I could do it in a urban setting. I have three marathons this year, but maybe between my two training cycles I could try ….
@destinedtoreign So cool - well done!! I would love to do something like this one day! Did you do the 100k around your city or somewhere different? What did your 2 months of training look like - was it mostly walking or did you do running/other exercise etc?

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