I walked 100,000 Steps in 24 Hours!

@ilyich There is a 2 mile loop right outside my house and I walked that the entire time. Kind of a boring view after 20 loops lol but I wanted to be close to home and it was flat ground.
In terms of the training, I just walked 5k steps extra a week- so 5k per day on the first week, 10k the next etc. I did pretty much all walking and jogged a bit here and there. Also did some core training but I mostly spent my time walking.
@destinedtoreign Wow this is amazing! I did a long section of the PCT (about 1500 miles) but my usual hiking day was 20-25 miles.

At one point there is a ~30 mile section which is notoriously hot (the Hat Creek Rim). For that I waited in a campground until evening, hiked until 10pm or so, and woke up at 2am to continue and get down off the Rim before the heat set in. That day I maybe got 35 miles in 24 hours just because of hiking through the night and the day before to arrive at the campground.

Even though I was in great hiking shape by that time it was still tough! Can't imagine what you accomplished, that's amazing! Well done!
@katarinap I was sore for a few days but thankfully I’m all good! I did lose a my pinky toenail from all the walking, but I’ve been told that does happen sometimes when you walk/run that many miles. Other than that I’m completely fine!
@destinedtoreign That's epic! Was this on a treadmill? I can't imagine how boring that would be.

My maximum ever was 73k steps walking The Great Saunter around Manhattan in 2019 (said I'd never do it again but am doing it again in 2 weeks). I'm much better prepared now (walked the Camino de Santiago last summer) but I'll never forget being like 2/3 done, feet absolutely murderous, and realizing I still had hours left to suffer. You killed it!
@soojan I think about 40 days including 4 rest days plus the extra 90km from Santiago to the coast at Finisterra. I did the most popular, the Frances route

Absolutely loved it, would do it again in a heartbeat (thinking of dropping in and doing the Portuguese route this year as it’s only about 2 weeks long). The social aspect was the biggest part for me after isolating during COVID, it’s a very popular thing to do and you meet so many interesting people. I’m actually doing The Great Saunter with 3 friends I made on the Camino who live in other states, it will be our reunion

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