Complete Reddit BW Fitness Routine w/ Video Links

@wildcatjim2014 If you can put up the source/website on github, we can provide suggestions and pull requests for changes. That way you won't have to shoulder all the work.

Nice job, man.

An offline version would be really useful too. Maybe with gifs?
@wildcatjim2014 This is so damm awesome. I just made a reddit account cause of this :)

two things:
  1. can you add some links to the handstand pdf and the stretches
  2. when i zoom out to see everything, it looses a bit the organization. can you check it out ?
again, thanks so much for this.
@wildcatjim2014 I feel kind of dickish saying this, but I think it's important: this is the old image. I split it up into two separate images: one for rank beginners and one for the more intermediate beginners. You can find the first here and the second here.

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